Draft of Constitutional Act of Russia-Belarus Union State Accepted as the Basis

The draft of the Constitutional Act of Belarus and Russia was accepted as the basis in the course of a meeting of the Belarussian-Russian commission which was held in Minsk on Tuesday.

As speaker of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev said summing up the results of the meeting, a regular, in his opinion last meeting of the commission on working out a draft of the Constitutional Act was being prepared to be held on March 31st. Then the document will be sent to the presidents of Russia and Belarus for consideration, Seleznev specified.

The draft of the Constitutional Act will be published in mass media for nation-wide discussion.

As Gennady Seleznev noted, the draft of the Constitutional Act envisages that the Supreme State Council will be the leading body of the Union State.

According to Seleznev, there is also agreement to the effect that the Union State will have a "small" government of its own which will interact with the governments of Belarus and Russia.

The new state formation, envisaged by the draft Constitutional Act, is open for joining by other countries, Seleznev emphasised.