Mongolia to Beef up Security for Foreign Nationals

Law enforcement agencies in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, have reached a decision to stand guard over all the premises where nationals of other countries reside.

Officials at Mongolia's Chief Police Department said the country's government has declared 2003 the Year of Welcome to Mongolia. Law enforcement agencies will pursue phased measures in that connection in order to protect foreign tourists from mugging and attacks.

Since the beginning of this year, seven foreigners - three People's Republic of China nationals, two Russians and two Americans - have been targeted by criminals. Furthermore, police officers stress the figure only represents officially registered cases as many foreign nationals regrettably choose not to contact law enforcement for various reasons.

The most serious incident, which involved the death of a Chinese national, occurred ten days ago in the Mongolian capital. Three assailants broke into an apartment where foreign nationals lived and stole all the valuable properties threatening violence. In the process, one of the Chinese asphyxiated on the rope he was tied with.