Ambassador of Germany to Russia: Final Text of New UN Security Council Resolution on Iraq Not Worked Out Yet

The final text of the UN Security Council resolution on Iraq, in case it is adopted, will depend on the proposals of the Security Council members, said German ambassador to Russia Hans Friedrich von Pletz at a press conference held in Moscow on Thursday.

Replying to the question put by RIA Novosti, the ambassador clarified that the positions of the Security Council member countries will be finally formulated when UNMOVIC and IAEA heads Hans Blix and Mohamed el-Baradei make their report.

At the present time, a draft of the new resolution has been submitted by the USA, Great Britain and Spain. Some of its provisions are being discussed in the Security Council, but the voting on it has not been held yet, the diplomat pointed out.

He also stressed that Russia, Germany and France adhere to a common position on the situation around Iraq. In particular, the negotiations of the three countries' foreign ministers which took place in Paris showed that they are convinced that "the situation has not reached a state when a new resolution should be adopted." Moscow, Berlin and Paris believe, the ambassador pointed out, that not all peaceful means have been used to settle the situation around Iraq.

He also expressed the opinion that today all the countries of the world are unanimous that it is necessary to disarm Iraq and to prevent it from possessing mass destruction weapons.