Eduard Shevardnadze Intends to Discuss "The Abkhazian Question" with Vladimir Putin

President Eduard Shevardnadze of Georgia stated that at the coming meeting with Vladimir Putin he intended to discuss the question concerning the settlement of the Abkhazian conflict and the solution of the acute problems connected with it. (Abkhazia is an autonomous republic in the Georgian territory which proclaimed its sovereignty in 1992.) The Presidents of Russia and Georgia agreed to meet in the beginning of March during their telephone conversation on February 18.

Eduard Shevardnadze thanked Vladimir Putin for his proposal to conduct a personal meeting.

"Contacts with the Russian President have been developing of late very constructively and rapidly," said Eduard Shevardnadze. He underscored that his relations with the Russian President were based on confidence and mutual respect.

According to Shevardnadze, by joint efforts the Presidents of Russia and Georgia have been able to create a certain model of cooperation which makes it possible to solve the most difficult problems.