Ivanov and Straw to Discuss Iraqi Crisis

The role of the international community in the settlement of the Iraqi crisis will be in the spotlight of the negotiations to be held on Tuesday in London, between Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jack Straw, the Foreign Office official spokesman said.

The spokesman did not elaborate on the way the Foreign Office was going to discuss the Iraqi issue that is differently viewed by Moscow and London. According to observers, Mr Straw will give reasons for the military operation against Iraq which, as London believes, violated UN Security Council Resolution 1441 by refusing to co-operate with international inspectors. That's why the international community has every reason to adopt the draft resolution forwarded by the USA, Britain and Spain that would authorise force.

However, Moscow views it differently. Russia believes that according to the norms of international law, it is necessary to disarm Iraq with the help of international inspectors who need more time to fulfil the tasks set by Resolution 1441.