Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Welcomes Integration Initiatives Within the CIS Framework

The statement by presidents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine on creating a common economic environment was made in proper time, prime minister of Kazakhstan and chairman of the inter-state council of the Eurasian Economic Community (EURASEC) Imangali Tasmagambetov told journalists last Friday when the council's session at the level of heads of government was over.

According to him, any integration initiative is welcomed within the CIS framework. The CIS states are searching for and modeling integration processes. At the same time the EURASEC countries, the Kazakh prime minister believes, did not work out the tough rules of the game so far which would be adopted by all. "Without them, Tasmagambetov stressed, it is impossible to create a single economic infrastructure." Touching upon the results of the 6th session of the EURASEC inter-state council, he reported that the heads of the Community's governments discussed the common package of economic cooperation issues. According to Tasmagambetov, the participants in the session have come to a unanimous conclusion on almost all questions. Only several points should be finalised, he said, in particular, the issue of non-use of anti-dumping measures with respect to EURASEC partners.