Kyrgyzstan Welcomes Intensified Integration Processes in Former USSR

Kyrgyzstan welcomes the creation of a common economic space on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, said head of the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry's CIS department Erkin Mamkulov.

Official Bishkek "has always been an active advocate of integration processes on all post-Soviet territory", the diplomat emphasised. Kyrgyzstan views the creation of a new union of four CIS member states "within these processes", he pointed out.

"The idea is very good and we are ready to support it in many ways," Mamkulov added.

On February 23rd, the Presidents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine signed in the Kremlin a statement on preparations to form a common economic space.

The agreement will concern coordinated economic policy in a number of directions, harmonisation of corresponding legislation and creation of a joint regulating independent inter-state Committee on trade and tariffs.

The final goal of the work is to set up an Organisation of Regional Integrity.