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China's Foreign Minister Urges USA to Start an Equitable Dialogue with North Korea as soon as Possible

China hopes that the USA will begin "as soon as possible" an equitable dialogue with the Korean Peoples Democratic Republic on the nuclear issue, head of the Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of China, Tang Jiaxuan, has said this Monday in a talk with US Secretary of State Colin Powell who arrived the other day in Beijing.

Tang Jiaxuan reminded Colin Powell of the fact that China spoke for the non-nuclear status of the Korean peninsula and supported efforts aimed at preserving peace, stability and security on the peninsula.

The nuclear problem of North Korea, stressed Tang Jiaxuan, should be settled by peaceful means, with the help of a dialogue and consultations. He pointed out that China played a constructive role in the search for such methods of settling this problem and was confident that a direct and equitable dialogue between the USA and North Korea was the most effective method to overcome the impasse and ease tension around the nuclear problem of North Korea.

As Chinese diplomatic sources say, Colin Powell noted on his part that the nuclear problem of North Korea was at a very serious stage today.

He pointed out that the dialogue between the USA and North Korea was necessary; however, this could not be done without the involvement of the international community in this process and the use of multilateral mechanisms." The US Secretary of State also added that Washington would like to resolve this problem by diplomatic means.