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China's Deputy Chairman Says About the Need of Peaceful Settlement of Iraqi Issue

China believes that the Iraqi issue should be settled by political means within the framework of the United Nations Organization, Deputy Chairman of the People's Republic of China and Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Hu Tsintao has said this Monday in Beijing in a talk with US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

As Chinese diplomatic sources say, the Iraqi crisis and the nuclear problem on the Korean peninsula were the main themes discussed by Hu Tsintao, considered to be the official successor to Jiang Zemin, and Colin Powell who had arrived in China the day before for a two-day visit.

During the talks of Hu Tsintao with the head of the US diplomatic department the Chinese leader stressed that the Iraqi issue and the nuclear problem of North Korea were the two themes that especially concerned the international community today. According to him, China has always demanded from Iraq that it should "comply fully, strictly and honestly with the UN Security Council resolutions," and keep its promises in relation to mass destruction weapons.

Speaking about the nuclear problem of North Korea, the future head of China has said that historical experience shows that the nuclear problem of North Korea can be resolved only through a dialogue and consultations. At the same time, Hu Tsintao urged the USA to launch a direct dialogue with Pyongyang "as soon as possible." Hu Tsintao also added that China would actively co-operate with the world community in the political settlement of these two problems. The parties also discussed the Chinese-US relations.

Immediately after the negotiations with Hu Tsintao, Colin Powell was received by Chairman of China Jiang Zemin.

Colin Powell arrived in Beijing on Sunday to hold consultations with the Chinese leaders on the problems of Iraq and North Korea. This Monday he has also met with China's foreign minister Tang Jiaxuan to discuss these issues in detail.