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IAEA Had: Iaq Ativated Cooperation with UN Inspectors

In the past few days Iraq has realized the danger posed by a possible military attack and activated cooperation with UN inspectors, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency /IAEA/ Mohamed El-Baradei said in an interview with German Der Spiegel magazine, to come out on Monday. Publishing some excerpts from the interview, the Iraqi newspaper Babil points out to the words by El-Baradei who says he "still sees a chance for peace." "We are doing everything possible to avoid war," the IAEA director general said.

The main thing as he sees it now is that "the Iraqi government has realized the danger of the situation and started active cooperation with international observers." Iraq, El-Baradei said, realized that patience was running out. The IAEA head noted that time on UN, French, German and US clocks was running with different speeds, especially as regards the US.

El-Baradei believes inspections in Iraq are "going on successfully" but it's impossible to tell the date of their termination.