Author`s name Pravda.Ru

Indonesia Invites Russian Journalists

A group of journalists from Russia's major print media arrived in Indonesia on Saturday at the invitation of the Indonesian Ministry for Culture and Tourism.

During their tour of the country, organized with the help of RIA Novosti, the journalists will have an opportunity to appreciate various aspects of Indonesia's tourist industry, visit the world's best resort island of Bali, and the city of Yoygakarta in central Java where they are going to see the sights of the majestic VIII-th century Borobudur Temple.

Foreign tourism generates the second largest hard currency revenue for Indonesia's budget, with oil&gas exports keeping the lead. The terrorist attack which took place in Bali on 12 October 2002 claimed lives of 202 people, mostly tourists from 21 countries, and dealt a harsh blow to the Indonesian tourist industry giving jobs to 12 million of local residents.

Tamrin Bakhri, a Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism, told RIA Novosti that the Indonesian Government is working hard to restore the "paradise island" image that used to be a symbol of Indonesia's beauty and hospitality.