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Russia to Give Afghanistan $46 Million in Aid

This year Russia will extend to Afghanistan about $46 million for the restoration of peaceful life in that country, says the statement of the Russian delegation circulated on Saturday in Tokyo, where an international conference on Afghanistan is being held.

Russian aid will include gratuitous supplies of motor transport, communication means, spare parts, fuel and lubricants. It is also planned to assist Afghanistan in repairing several military-transport planes and helicopters and organizing preparatory courses for army officers.

Last year, Russia provided Afghanistan assistance in the amount of $30 million.

Assistance to Afghanistan, notes the statement of the Russian delegation, is based on the plans worked out by Afghanistan's transitional administration and backed by the UN, as well as Russia's partners in the G8. The statement also expresses the hope that Russian assistance "will contribute to the revival of a peaceful, independent and neutral Afghan state, living in accord with its neighbors and the rest of the world community."