Over 60 Russian Companies to Participate in 4th Airshow in Bangalore

More than 60 Russian companies will take part in the 4th air show due in Bangalore /India/ on February 5 through 9. The Russian delegation will be led by Yuri Koptev, chief of Rosaviakosmos (the Russian Airspace Agency), said Victor Komardin, deputy general director of the FGUP Rosoboronexport, the Russian arms export agency.

Thanks to the high level of Russian exhibits the Bangalore air show is called "the Russian exhibition", he said. In all, about 400 firms from 30 countries will participate in the Bangalore air show.

At international shows Russia seeks to take into account the market specifics of the region where the show in staged, said Komardin. In Bangalore will be shown specimens of products of the Russian defense-industrial complex and information provided on specimens which can be of interest to potential buyers from India and other countries of South Asia.

Focus in Russian showcases will be on the modernization of the existing military hardware and promising arms developments. Proposed technical ideas of modernization can be "unimpressive but valuable" for increasing the efficiency of a kind of armaments and military machines, stressed Victgor Komardin.

He noted that cooperation with different countries in the military-technical field lets Rosoboronexport promote dual-purpose and civilian products to the foreign market.