8 Bottles of Exhibition Vodka Stolen in Germany

Someone stole eight bottles of exhibition vodka from Germany's biggest agricultural fair, Green Week in Berlin, Valery Gorbatenkov, development director of a company called Urozhai, told RIA Novosti in Berlin.

The people attending to the booth, who had traveled to Berlin from the Balashikha district, Moscow region, to attend the Green Week event, discovered that eight bottles of Parlament Vodka were missing while they were getting ready to receive visitors on the morning of yet another day of the fair. The bottles in question had been removed from the central metallic wall of the booth into which they had been set.

Judging by Gorbatenkov's calm reaction, he and his staff took the loss easy. "It seems that the thieves were a choosy lot," he commented. "They tasted the product using the trademarked glasses here and then they took everything they wanted. Apparently, they took a fancy to Parlament Vodka," he concluded with satisfaction.

The industrial association Urozhai from the Moscow region took part in the previous Green Week events as well. It also exhibited the whole range of its high-quality goods in Cologne, Duesseldorf, Paris and London. Urozhai plants produce 25 kinds of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, including vodkas Urozhai, Peculiarities of National Hunt, By Will of the Pike, Popovka, Saltykovka, a kosher vodka called Yevreiskaya, vodkas Rossiiskaya Korona, Knyaz Serpukhovskoi and more.

At the current Green Week event, Urozhai featured its new trademark, Parlament Vodka. According to Gorbatenkov, it took two years to master the recipe and get the drink into a necessary condition. The daintiness of the brand stems from its production technology: combination of the purest water from an artesian well saturated with a special salt solution and ancient recipes of the times of Catherine the Great, plus the latest technologies and purification methods