Tenth International Conference "Prospects and Security in Central Asia and the Caucasus" Ends in Iranian Capital

The 10th international conference "Prospects and Security In Central Asia and the Caucasus" completed its work in the Iranian capital on Tuesday. It highlighted the developments of Russian specialists on the problems of the Caspian Sea and the initiatives to ensure stability and security in Central Asia and the Caucasus. In particular, the participants in this annual forum paid attention to the analytical report "Oil Resources of the Caspian Sea: Geopolitical Aspects" made by the senior researcher of the international studies centre at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Tatyana Polyakova.

She has provided substantiated arguments on the need to strengthen cooperation between Russia and Iran, establish closer political and economic ties between the two regional powers which will contribute, to a considerable degree, to stabilisation of the political situation in the Caspian Sea.

Iranian foreign minister Kamal Harrazi said at the conference which opened on Monday that Russia plays a very important role in ensuring security in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Harrazi pointed to the restoration of peace and stability in Tajikistan as a vivid example of Russian-Iranian cooperation in the region and expressed hope that the dialogue and exchange of opinions on the problems of regional security would raise the level of this cooperation.

Taking part in the work of the conference were leading experts, representatives of Russia, Iran, the CIS countries, the USA, Europe, the UN, international organisations, analytical centres, ministries and departments of the states concerned.