U.S. Ambassador Says War on Iraq is Not Inevitable

U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Vershbow believes that the time period of work of international inspectors in Iraq will depend on the report which Hans Blix, head of UNMOVIC, is due to present on January 27 at the UN Security Council.

While speaking at a press conference on Friday, the American diplomat underlined that "war is not inevitable". He believes that the Iraqi conflict can be resolved by political means, but this requires Iraq's disarmament. In addition, Saddam Hussein has to comply with UN resolutions on Iraq.

Vershbow believes that everything depends now on the Iraqi leader who should prove that his country has no nuclear weapons. According to the ambassador, Iraq's co-operation with international inspectors is "at the minimal level".

According to Vershbow, Hussein has been failing to comply with UN Security Council resolutions for a decade, thus questioning the Security Council's authority.

It is Hussein's last chance to fulfil the requirements of the international community and the Security Council, the diplomat stressed.