Russia Has Nothing to Do With Military Cargo Confiscated at Beirut Airport

Russia has nothing to do with the military cargo confiscated at Beirut airport, said Russian military attache Boris Soldatov in a commentary on a publication of the Arab newspaper al-Hayat.

On Tuesday, the newspaper published in London and Lebanon, reported that the security service of Beirut airport had seized and confiscated 12 tonnes of cargo - tank interphone headsets and radio equipment intended for Iraq.

Two days ago the cargo arrived from Belarus, the newspaper writes. The headline says that the cargo was destined from Russia to Iraq, although there is no mention about it in the text.

In Beirut, the cargo was meant to be re-loaded on trucks and taken to Iraq. When opened, the crates were found to hold 625 headsets and 240 sets of tank intercom equipment.

Guided by the local rules banning the taking of arms, military equipment and military-frequencies radio sets in or out of Lebanon, security officers confiscated the cargo in favour of the Lebanese army. The two businessmen accompan 6ying the cargo have been arrested.

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