Russia Ready to Cooperate With Japan if the Latter Wants to Set up Missile Defence System

Russia is ready to cooperate with Japan if Tokyo is interested in setting up a missile defence system of the theater of war.

Russia and European countries have been jointly setting up such a system in Europe for several years now, Ivanov reminded journalists after a round of talks with Shigeru Ishiba, the head of the Japanese National Defence Agency.

It would be better for the Asia Pacific Region, which has several conflict zones, to set up a missile defence system on a collective basis, said Ivanov.

He also confirmed Russia's position on a strategic missile defence system: Russia still regards the United States' withdrawal from the ABM Treaty as a mistake, but it does not pose a threat to Russia's national security. He did not rule out that Russia might co-operate with the USA where certain elements of the system are concerned, in case such a system is eventually formed. This question, however, is linked to many conditions, with Russia's national security in the first place, he concluded.