Competent opinion: Prerequisites created for the formation of common labour market in Russia-Belarus Union State

Prerequisites have been created within the framework of the Russia-Belarus union state for the formation of a common labour market, said Ivan Yanovich, head of the social policy department at the standing committee of the union state.

To confirm his words he pointed out, in particular, that employers in Russia and Belarus do not need special permissions for employing workers.

In addition, Russian and Belarussian citizens have equal rights on the territory of the union state as far as employment, wages and salaries, labour protection and conditions as well the regime of the working hours and vacation are concerned.

Yanovich believes that further steps to form a common labour market should be aimed at the realisation of practical measures to create conditions for free movement of labour migrants in the territory of the union state.

The expert thinks it is necessary to pursue a coordinated policy with respect to labour migrants, which "will efficiently react to the demand in the labour market at inter-state, regional and local levels." The head of the department reported that of great importance for the formation of a labour market would be the creation of a single information base on the employment issues and of an inter-state automated system of the common labour market.

In addition, the data bank on vacancies, labour, housing, everyday services, wages and ensuring access of territorial employment services to inter-state information is also necessary.

Yanovich pointed out that within the framework of the union state agreements were applicable on ensuring equal rights for school-leavers, and on mutually recognising the documents concerning education, scientific degrees and titles.

The full text of the interview with head of the social policy department at the standing committee of the union state Ivan Yanovich was published in the 12th issue of the RIA Novosti bulletin "Community News" for 2002.