Venezuela: Mass support for Chavez

Venezuelans from all social classes came out in a mass demonstration of support for President Hugo Chavez in Caracas on Sunday.

Accusing the Opposition of allying itself with foreign interventionist powers, namely the United States of America, believed to have been behind last April’s failed coup d’etat, the Chavistas (supporters of President Hugo Chavez), declared that they stand united against the Opposition, “those who enjoyed their privileges for 40 years and did nothing to further democracy”, in the world of one middle-aged, middle-class Chavista.

The Opposition paint the Chavistas as being disaffected members of society, accusing the President of surrounding himself with murderers, in their alarmist and undemocratic campaign to oust the man who was democratically elected to be the country’s President in 2000, with 60% of the vote.

Indeed, it is the opposition which begins to perpetrate more and more acts of violence, one such act resulting in the deaths of two young Chavez supporters on Friday. On Saturday, Chavez supporters were stoned by Opposition members in the Plaza Venezuela.

The Opposition is led by those who want to retain their privileges at the expense of the average citizen in Venezuela, instigated by foreign powers who are prepared to pay huge sums in commissions to keep the elite in power while at the same time undermining Venezuela’s economy, taking control of its state-owned oil company.


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