Expanded EU will work on creating a unified economic space with Russia

The expanded European Union will work on creating the unified economic and political space with its prominent neighbor - Russia. Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller made this statement on Friday during the EU summit in Copenhagen. Denmark is currently presiding in the EU. Moeller addressed the audience at the press conference devoted to the EU foreign policy affairs.

Moeller mentioned Russia while answering a question about the future admission of Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine in the EU. According to his statement, "it's not an issue on the EU agenda, yet". The more stable and safe the situation in those countries is, the less "annoying factors" for their neighbors, including criminal activity on the borders, illegal immigration and other anti-social activities, they would create, emphasized Moeller. Therefore, the EU must first help those countries to develop and strengthen their stability.

"As for Russia, it's an issue of its own. We are talking about a fundamentally different level of relations," he said. The EU will continue to develop cooperation with Russia in the most important areas. "If you ask me whether Russia is going to join the EU, I'd tell you that the sides are not discussing this issue at this point," Moeller stressed. "They just plan how to develop an effective cooperation." Besides, he said, the question that concerns us is at what stage the expansion of the EU should stop. Obviously, there must be a limit. At the same time, he reiterated, the EU will always have a special relationship with Russia.

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