Russian State Suma's Chairman meeting Japanese Emperor

On Wednesday, Tokyo hosted a meeting between chairman of the Russian State Duma Gennady Seleznev and Japan's Emperor Akihito.

The conversation lasted 30 minutes, Seleznev told journalists afterwards. The Emperor expressed his condolences in connection with the Moscow terrorist attack on October 23rd-26th, inquired about the situation in the Chechen republic and the process of peace restoration there. He also asked about the particulars of the Russian federal system, Seleznev said.

"I was surprised that the Emperor asked such questions, that he knew my biography. He asked what it was like in the Urals and how it differed from Moscow," the Russian speaker pointed out.

"The conversation was friendly, the Emperor seems to meet Russians but seldom, he is interested in our history and in Russia's contemporary life," he added. The talk with the Emperor was not of "a political nature", yet Akihito welcomed the strengthening parliamentary relations between Russia and Japan, Seleznev concluded.