Attraction of investments: a priority with all members of EURASEC

Grigory Rapota, Secretary-General of the Eurasian Economic Community, or the EURASEC, believes the task of attracting investment is a priority not only with Belarus but with other member states of the EURASEC as well.

Rapota, who travelled to Minsk to participate in an international conference called The Belarussian Investment Forum, said only a favourable investment climate could account for a large-scale efficient use of capital investment.

Harmonization of national laws and coordination of investment activity inside the EURASEC help form such a climate on the territories of its five members, said Rapota. The climate, on its part, helps minimise such unpleasant moments in mutual trade as anti-dumping procedures and other protective measures, he said.

The EURASEC unites Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. Moldova and Ukraine act as observers.