Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an active component of global anti-terrorist coalition

On the anniversary of the September 11 events, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization confirms that it is "an inalienable and active component of the global anti-terrorist coalition."

The foreign ministers of member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have issued a statement in connection with the anniversary of the September 11 tragedy.

The ministers confirm in their statement "the resolute censure of these acts of terrorism and again express their sorrow over their victims, as well as their sincere sympathies and condolences to the relatives and loved-ones of those killed or injured in the tragedy."

"These events," says the document, "have aroused in the international community the unanimous and unconditional censure of terrorism as a threat that is common for all countries and nations." In the course of the past year, in keeping with resolution 1373 and other appropriate UN Security Council resolutions, the countries of the world have cardinally strengthened and expanded bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the overall opposition to terrorism."

"As a result of these common energetic efforts the anti-terrorist struggle has acquired a truly worldwide nature which reflects the essence of the threat emanating from international terrorism that knows no national borders and has no ethnic, racial and religious relation," notes the statement.

Nevertheless, the ministers believe that in the anti-terrorism struggle the international community will have to carry out difficult tasks and traverse a long road. Acts of terrorism do not cease on a global scale and still pose a serious threat to world peace and security.

Along with carrying out urgent anti-terrorist actions, the international community is in the process of the deep comprehension of the cardinal reasons for the emergence of terrorism, with a view to opening up the prospect of the final elimination of that most dangerous threat of the current century.

"It is the common viewpoint that the only way to radically minimize the danger factors and eradicate terrorism is affirmation of the new concept of international security based on the principles of mutual trust and mutual advantage, equality and cooperation, and full guarantee of the central coordinating role of the UN and its Security Council in maintaining international peace and security," stresses the document.