Danish side responsible for future of Russian steamer Dunkan

Valentin Syromyatnikov, master of the Russian steamer Dunkan, which sank off Denmark in July, believes it is the Danish side that is responsible for the ship's future. In a RIA Novosti telephone interview on Tuesday, he said that he had received an official letter from Denmark's department for territorial waters, containing a demand to lift the vessel before November 15, because it is lying in the navigating channel close to Denmark. Otherwise, the letter says, Danish marine services will be compelled to blow up the ship, which is obstructing shipping.

The Dunkan master has already sent his reply to the department, indicating that the demand of the Danish authorities is impossible to meet. "To begin with, it is not the Dunkan's fault, nor its wish nor the effect of elements that it is lying in the fairway. It is there because during its towing by a Danish firm it sank for an unknown reason," Syromyatnikov explained.

Besides, in his reply letter, the Dunkan master also recalled that "the Dunkan is not just a vintage ship, but a vessel that fought in two world wars".

Syromyatnikov noted that the demands to pay for Danish companies' services in lifting the vessel after earlier pledges to carry out all work free of charge are a violation of the fundamentals of maritime legislation on salvaging those in distress, which say that "no salvage no reward".

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