USA wants to strike Russian territory and Russian military men and get away with it

USA wants to escalate, rather than end Ukrainian crisis

The RAND Corporation, US-based military think tank, released a report that described a strategy of the United States to escalate the confrontation with Russia.

Even though Washington calls for negotiations with Moscow, the USA does not intend to freeze the conflict. On the contrary, Washington is going to aggravate it.

According to RAND analysts, the main task of the United States is to "punish" and "contain" the Russian Federation. The Americans want to arrange everything in a way that Russia does not have an opportunity to use nuclear weapons. They do not want a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO to spark either.

There are three scenarios for a possible escalation:

  • Russia attacks a US ally at NATO,
  • Washington reacts to this attack,
  • Moscow subsequently reacts to the situation.

Experts also reviewed several scenarios of hostilities, one of which involves a superior kinetic strike on the territory of Russia. However, in this case, one needs to ensure that Moscow does not perceive such an attack as a "prelude" to a full-scale war with the West.

In the event of a missile attack on European military bases, RAND analysts suggest the United States strikes new Russian territories under the pretext that Washington considers them to be Ukrainian territories.

The idea is to strike Russian territories and Russian military men while saying that neither the USA nor NATO is party to the conflict.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov