Russia's Foreign Ministry Blames Georgian Authorities for Colonel Zaitsev's Murder

Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia made a statement fully blaming Georgian authorities for the Murder of Colonel Igor Zaitsev, the plenipotentiary representative of the government and armed forces of Russia in the Russian army contingent in Transcaucasia.

The Foreign Ministry of Russia already noted to the Georgian government that Colonel Zaitsev disappeared while the anti-Russian aggressive actions of militants and international terrorists based in Georgia continued. These actions were accompanied by an active anti-Russian campaign, Georgian officials participating. This encouraged the criminals who killed the Russian officer. The Foreign ministry of Russia repeatedly demanded that the crime be immediately investigated and those guilty apprehended and punished.

Today, Georgian authorities replied to the effect that a suspect in Colonel Zaitsev's murder, certain David Zazashvili, had been apprehended. The office of the Attorney General of Georgia is, supposedly, investigating the crime and checking out David Zazashvili who, allegedly, is a Russian citizen, used to work together with Colonel Zaitsev.

Colonel Igor Zaitsev disappeared in Tbilicy on July 27. During the nighttime, August 8, his body was found on the outskirts of the city of Tbilisi, then identified by his son.