Attempt on the life of ex-box-champion Kurnyavka in Bishkek

Renowned athlete and ex-box-champion Andrei Kurnyavka has been wounded by two shots fired from the Makarov pistol in the centre of Bishkek, Kirghizia.

As head of the Kirghizian Interior Ministry's press-service Dzholdoshbek Buzurmankulov has said this Friday, the ex-champion was attacked at three hours in the morning on August 8 when he parked his car and started to head for home. Only two out of five shots fired from the bushes reached the target. The athlete was wounded in the leg and the buttocks. Fortunately, the bullets did not affect his vital arteries.

Unconscious Kurnyavka was found at six hours in the morning by early passers-by. The ex-champion was taken to the urgent surgery clinic.

The Kirghizian law-enforcement bodies have instituted criminal proceedings on charges of an armed attack. Several versions of the crime are under consideration.

According to data of the police, two years ago a similar attack was made against Kurnyavka. At that time, the boxer received several bullet wounds.

The ex-champion was deported several years ago by German authorities to Kirghizia after serving a term of imprisonment for an attempt to sell a batch of heroin.