Iraq's ambassador to Russia: Way for resuming work of international inspectors is open

The way for resuming work of international inspectors in Iraq is open, said Iraq's ambassador to Moscow doctor Abbas Khalaf Kunfud on Friday.

The day before Iraqi foreign minister Naji Sabri received a message for UN Secretary General Kofi Annan welcoming "Iraq's wish to continue the dialog in order to settle problems between Iraq and the UN", the diplomat said.

"The letter was sent after the discussion the UN Secretary General held with the UN Security Council members concerning Iraq's proposal to start technical negotiations with head of the UN Monitoring and Verification Inspection Committee Hans Blix," the ambassador pointed out. "This opens an opportunity to return Blix and his employees to Baghdad and resume their work in Iraq," he said. "Baghdad on its part is ready to send the UN the necessary invitation," the diplomat added. "Iraq was only waiting for the Secretary General's consent," he explained.