Russian Fishing Trawler Sinks in Sea of Japan

The Borei, a Russian fishing trawler sank in the southern part of the Sea of Japan, about 10:42 Moscow time, on August 8. According to the press service of the State Piscatorial Committee of the Russian Federation, two fishing vessels, the Yashkino and Borei, were being towed from Vladivostok to Pusan, South Korea for repairs by the Nevelsky tug. The weather deteriorating, the towing cable connecting the Borei to the tug broke. The trawler was thrown against the tug and began taking in water. The captain of the tug transferred the crew from the Borei and radioed the port of Pusan for help. The trawler sank nevertheless. There were no casualties.

The Borei fishing trawler belonged to the Kopylov-Notoro company and was chartered at the port of Nevelsk.