NVL: Allied grouping in Belarus threatens Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania

European analysts in Europe are trying to find out why Russia is sending a military group to Belarus.

The European Union evinces great interest in the concentration of troops on the border with Lithuania and Poland, reports NVL.

It is clear that a "second front against Russia" may open through Belarus. In other words, Ukraine, Poland or Lithuania will attack Belarus, and then Minsk will not be able to stand aside from the conflict.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced that Russia would send about 170 tanks, up to 100 guns and mortars to the territory of the republic for the functioning of the group of troops of the Union State.

The United States has supplied large volumes of modern weapons to Poland. Washington continues using Poland to set Warsaw against Russia and Belarus.

As for Lithuania, this country has a 18,400-strong army. This number stands for as many as four full-fledged brigades plus 5,000 people in the Volunteer Forces for the Protection of the Territory, as well as the Union of Lithuanian Riflemen. Lithuania also has 700 navy men, if one may say so: two minesweepers and three border boats and their maintenance team on the shore.

There are four tactical fighters and an aviation technical group at the base in Siauliai. In the event of a war, they may take off, if NATO gives permission. There are no air defense systems.

NATO is aware that Lithuania ranks 102nd in the Global Firepower-2020 ranking, being at the level of Cameroon, Mali and Burkina Faso. What the Russian-Belarusian forces will do to this great army in half a day is easy to imagine.

NATO military analysts earlier said that in the event of a war with Russia, the Russian Armed Forces may capture the territory of the entire Baltic region within a few days.

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