Russia takes aim of NATO destroyer that carries serious message for Putin

The destroyer of the British Royal Navy HMS Daring has recently entered the waters of the Black Sea. Many British publications wrote that the UK has thus sent a clear sign to Russian President Putin. At the same time, however, Russia has taken the British warship in its sights.

According to The Daily Mail, Britain has sent a tough message to Russian President Putin . The headline of the DM article, which many of its leaders found childish, said: "So how do you like it, Vlad?"

The Sun assumed that the UK thus decided to take revenge on Moscow for the recent passing of Russian warships across the English Channel. According to British journalists, Russia tried to intimidate Great Britain, even though Britain has been practicing such maneuvers near Russia's water borders for many years.

The Daily Star was as open as possible: "Royal Navy warship sent to Putin's doorstep in revenge for English Channel invasion."

To crown it all, the British press enthusiastically reports about the launch of an Aster missile from HMS Daring, saying that the Kremlin should fall into a frenzy.

The HMS Daring destroyer is believed to be the largest vessel in the Royal Navy.

"Any warship that enters the Black Sea will be taken in sights by the Black Sea Fleet and Bal-Bastion systems. Aircraft of the Russian Air Force may also visit foreign warships in neutral waters of the Black Sea," a military expert told Pravda.Ru.


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