US to ban its diplomats from criss-crossing Russia

The US Congress has adopted a draft resolution which deprives the Russian diplomats of free traveling. A special committee on countering 'covert influence of Russia' over the US and Western countries is also to be created.

The document will be reviewed by the Senate and presented to President for signature in case of approval. Viktor Olevich, a political scientist, expert on the US-Russia relations, commented Pravda.Ru on the issue.

Alike structure functioned during the Cold War. Revival of such activity evidences that Obama's Administration and the US foreign policy establishment do everything possible to bring relations with Russia to a new Cold War.

It is hardly probable that these measures will be approved by the President. The Americans realize that in case they adopt legislation which seriously restricts activity of the Russian diplomats, Moscow will immediately take tit-for-tat measures. The US diplomats will also be deprived of free manoeuvres in Russia.

And it is widely known that representatives of the US diplomatic mission in Russia have taken to criss-crossing the country. They go to various cities, edges, the Urals and other regions of Russia. They love meetings with opposition in Russia, with pro-Western liberals, delivering speeches in front of students. They will hardly like it if Russia acts the same way as they are going to treat the Russian diplomats in the US.

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