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French streets flooded with wine

Some dozens of thousands litres of wine were spilt on the streets of the French port city of Sète. An act of sabotage may have taken place.

According to France 3, almost 50,000 litres of wine from the Biron S.A. company's cellar flooded avenue Maréchal-Juin, as well as neighbouring streets. The wine also flooded cellars and underground car parks.

Emergency service eliminated damage for half an hour.

Security turned out to have heard a sound of smashing the door and saw about 20 people in balaclavas. It is supposed that it could have been caused by illegal acts of the Wine Action Committee (CRAV) members. 20 July they accused some wine dealers of importing cheap Spanish wine and dumping. At the time office of Vinadeis company in Béziers was subject to vandalism.

In April 2016 the CRAV activists stopped 2 tanks with wine from Spain in the South city of France Le Boulou, that is 12km away from the Spanish border. The attackers spilt wine onto the road.

Aggressive behaviour of the French activists can be explained with drop of food prices. Farmers put the blame for it on competitors from other countries, as well as supermarkets and distributors.

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