Russians show little interest in US pre-election race

Less than half of Russians are interested in the US presidential election, a survey conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM) said.

The results of the survey showed that US presidential elections raise interest among 41 percent of the polled Russians, RIA Novosti reports. Eleven percent said that they watch the course of the election campaign in the United States closely, and 30% said that they evinced interest in the US campaign "from time to time." The majority (58%) do not follow the course of the pre-election campaign at all. At the same time, more than a half of respondents (59%) believe that the outcome of the election in the United States is important for Russia.

Noteworthy, the nomination of Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate from the Democratic Party suddenly made Russia a priority of the election race. For the first time since the collapse of the USSR, the US-Russian relations have become a measure of US national interests. President Barack Obama accused Republican candidate Donald Trump ща his inability to ensure the USA's global leadership. According to Obama, Trump is flirting with Putin.


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