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Turkey may execute pilots who downed Russian Su-24

The Turkish law enforcement bodies arrested two pilots, who had downed the Russian bomber Su-24 in November.

According to a top Turkish official, the pilots took part in an attempt to carry out the coup d'etat, which was made overnight into Saturday. The authorities believe the Air Force representatives to be instigators of the mutiny.

Active participants of the revolt will undergo severe punishment. 'The military will appear before a tribunal and won't escape from jail, or will be executed,' the Turkish media cited their source.

Later Ankara's mayor confirmed that there was the pilot who had downed the Russian Su-24 among the rebels. Moreover, the 'pilot was a member of the preacher Fethullah Gülen's organization'.

The CNN Turk reported that 'namely the 'parallel state' damaged our relations with Russia. It was an incident, where one of the pilots of this structure participated.'


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