Ukraine's Poroshenko to teach NATO how to wage war against Russia

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko offered NATO to use the experience that "Ukraine obtained in showing resistance to Russian troops."

In his article for The Wall Street Journal, Poroshenko stated that no member of the alliance has the experience of warfare against modern Russian army. According to him, Ukraine has such an experience, although he does not specify where exactly the Ukrainian "victorious" army came across the Russian army.

Having started his article with the words praising NATO, Poroshenko wrote that the alliance was set up to "defend peace and world order" after the chaos of WWII. Therefore, according to the Ukrainian leader, it will be highly important to recollect those goals on Friday, when world leaders gather for the summit in Warsaw. Russia purposefully aggravates instability where possible in a hope to split the West and achieve her geopolitical objectives, he continued.

"NATO's collective security could likewise benefit from Ukraine's experience and intelligence. Russia's aggression on the eastern flank of NATO territory is an aggression not only against Ukraine, but the Western world. Yet no NATO member state has actual battlefield experience engaging with the modern Russian army. Ukraine does," Poroshenko wrote.

He stressed out that only close cooperation between Ukraine and NATO could contribute to stability in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region and the Trans-Atlantic region as a whole.

"We are grateful for the support the West has given us so far. NATO has held firm in its stance against Russia's aggression in Crimea and Donbas, and continues to support the building of a strong army and a successful democratic state. Owing to the concerted economic pressure imposed through sanctions, Russia has been limited in its capacity to advance into Ukrainian territory," Poroshenko continued.

Poroshenko claims that "in Donbas, the Kremlin has turned to a war of attrition." Does the Ukrainian president know how many civilians the "glorious soldiers of the Ukrainian army" have killed?

"We will not settle for anything less than peace," Poroshenko also wrote at the time when Kiev, in violation of the Minsk agreements, continues to deliver heavy military equipment to the line of contact.

Poroshenko will have many meetings at the NATO summit. He was allowed to take part in the joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. One can only wait for more stunning revelations from the Ukrainian president.


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