Refugees declare centre of Europe a shariah zone

Refugees have declared one of the Copenhagen's central districts to be a shariah zone.

Local residents have been abused these days by a group of young people among migrants. They were throwing firecrackers at buildings, crashed shop windows with stones and bicycles, and that is just one ounce of what restaurants owners said.

Beside that, hooligans demanded 60,000 kroner in 'protection money'. They cried that Nørrebro is a shariah zone, where it is forbidden to drink alcohol. It should be noted that many bar owners say that police doesn't seem to making any attempts to help them.

The district was visited by the Minister of Justice, who demanded the Copenhagen police to investigate the case. However, the problem is not a new one. As early as in 2012 the media reported of a Viking Cafe, which drew blackmail and threats.

The problem has really begun to snowball. The same street rows take place in the Austrian cities, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, St. Pölten. Denmark is not the only country, which suffered from the aggressive behaviour of migrants.

Given this, the EU authorities allowed all the participants of the Maastricht Treaty to resort to extreme measures in order to defend their territories from the outer influence. Thus, some analysts speak of yet another EU democratization, others predict imposition of a martial law.


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