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Saudi Arabia to hit not only US economy

The Saudi Arabia warned that if the US Congress adopted legislation according to which the Saudi authorities could hold responsibility for involvement in the 9/11 terror acts, Riyadh would undertake measures to secure its American investments.

Vladimir Shapovalov, Deputy Director at the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Humanitarian University told Pravda.Ru what it would mean for the whole world.

"First of all, the Saudi Arabia will put up for sale means it affiliated in the US, that can lead to huge financial losses of the US and generate an economic, financial crisis. The US will be the epicentre.

That is not the only thing in the arsenal of the Saudis, as extremely close friendship and partnership relations of the US and the Saudi ruling dynasty assume quite a high level of interdependence. The case is about state structures, private business, economic and political spheres.

One cannot also exclude an option of a peculiar cold war. As for enforcement actions, the Saudi Arabia may direct them against the US oil business, i.e. bear campaign and total ruin of the US oil business.

They can also organize publication of some revelatory data on the American presidents, representatives of the US Administration, who are connected with the Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State terrorists. Such information attacks are possible in case of a drastic aggravation of the US-Saudi relations, and they will lead to enormous reputational losses of the US," Vladimir Shapovalov told Pravda.Ru.

The US is very dependent on the Saudis, the Middle Eastern policy, it refers to the situation in Syria, Iraq, Libya. And some hostile actions are also possible here. In other words, aggravation of relations with the Saudi Arabia is extremely dangerous for the US.

The US, in its turn, may undertake some measures of economic influence against the Saudi Arabia, connected with the most painful element for the Saudis, the oil export.

"I don't believe that secret part of the report on 9/11 will be disclosed, as a decent part of the American establishment, first of all the Republican Party, has very close contacts with the Saudis, consequences of a conflict between the US and the Saudi Arabia may be a catastrophy.

Closed talks on the destiny of the legislation are being held before Obama's visit to the Saudi Arabia. The political agenda will probably also include discussion of the relations within the triangle Washington-Tehran-Riyadh.

I believe it's important for Obama today to try to soften consequences of the US-Iranian rapprochement for the Saudi Arabia. Having normalized relations with Iran, the US gains a trump, possibility to create competition between Iran and the Saudi Arabia for the US sympathy," Vladimir Shapovalov told Pravda.Ru.


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Saudi Arabia to be responsible for 9/11
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