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NATO's determination to contain Russia dangerous

NATO's determination to contain Russia is dangerous, Russia's permanent representative to NATO, Alexander Grushko said.

"Now, as we can see, NATO's primary focus is to contain Russia not only politically, but also militarily. This combination of military planning and policy is a dangerous trend. This is not our choice. We firmly believe that we can continue building new Europe," Grushko told The Wall Street Journal.

A number of important project had been implemented within the scope of the NATO-Russia Council, the official said. "It was an important contribution to international efforts to combat urgent security problems, such as drug trafficking from Afghanistan. We also worked hard on projects to increase the capacity of the armed forces of Afghanistan," Grushko said.

The cooperation between NATO and Russia was suspended on NATO's initiative against the background of disagreements with Russia over Ukraine in 2014.

"As soon as something happens in global agenda with Russia's participation, the North Atlantic Alliance immediately blows out its cheeks, purses its mouth and says: "That's it, we are suspending relations with you." We have seen thing during the events in Georgia, and then it happened again after the Ukrainian crisis. We say: "Ok, it's your business, so do it," the head of the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev said at this point.

"One should have courage to say: "You know, guys, we are finishing this off from this certain date, so you can stop your responsive measures as well. This would be the right approach," Medvedev added.


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