US News: By now US won't be able to defeat Russia and China

The Western experts came to a conclusion that while the American military fought under 'dusty and messy' streets of the Middle Eastern countries, Russia and China modernized their armies, and it doubts the US capability to defeat its rivals.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, while the US has concentrated on large-scale operations against the Middle Eastern rebels for years, the opponents' armies used to ruin.

In the latest years production of more nimble military equipment was prompted to conduct combat actions in ambiguous wars in the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. Such weapons comprise mine-resistant troop vehicles known as MRAPs, handheld drones and other gear.

'Meanwhile, Russia embarked on a program to strengthen and improve its military. It invested in new highly advanced tanks, planes that can launch multiple missiles at once and deadly surface-to-air missiles like the S-400 it has since deployed to Syria,' U.S. News pointed out.

China from its part has developed its armed forces for the latest years in order to strengthen the Navy and Air Forces. Namely China allegedly becomes one of the determinant factors that secure development of the region.

And the US has nothing to oppose to it. Business Insider reported that 'the Russian army turned out to be much more powerful than everyone believed'. The edition published a video on the Russian Aerospace Forces operation in Syria and concluded on the successful modernization of the Russian Army. War in Syria allowed Russia to test new military aircraft, which had never been in field conditions before, the experts noted. As well as to launch cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea waters, which can cover a distance of over 1, 500 kilometres.


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