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Ukraine wants to fight in Syria for US

Kiev officially declared some options of the Islamic State counteraction support.

Ukraine came forward with a proposal to render military aid in fight against the Islamic State in Syria. The government said, that they 'developed a range of options of support in fight against the IS, including aid in Syria, that may also mean a military support.'

Proposal of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence will be presented to the Head of Pentagon Ashton Carter, the Independent says.

Pravda.Ru reported that the American Congress lifted a prior ban on funding of the Ukrainian punitive battalions, particularly Azov. Such a decision was approved under the influence of the US Ministry of Defence. Removal of restrictions was explained with the necessity to help the European countries, which face the Russian aggression, hinting at the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine, concerning some 'Russian forces' involvement, that the US hasn't been able to prove for two years so far.


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