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Europe to use army to protect borders from migrants

On October 21, the parliament of Slovenia approved the use of army units for border protection to limit the influx of migrants from the Middle East

According to Interfax, the Slovenian government announced that the number of refugees had exceeded at the capacity of the state to accept them. 

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As many as 19,400 refugees have entered the 2-million-strong Slovenia since Saturday. The number of refugees has grown considerably after Hungary closed its borders. 

Prime Minister of Slovenia Miroslav Cerar stated that said that the government of Slovenia  was going to apply for financial and material assistance from the EU.

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Hungary is suffering from the influx of migrants from the Middle East and Afghanistan. The refugees use Hungary as a transit state on the way to Germany. 

Budapest was forced to build a wall on the border with Serbia to restrict the flow of migrants. Another wall is currently under construction between Croatia and Slovenia. 


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