Financial Times: Russia comes back as a global player on world stage

Russia asserted itself as a global political player with its participation in the settlement of the Syrian conflict. Now, Washington will hardly be able to ignore Moscow, the Western media claims.

According to Financial Times, having deployed its military weapons in Syria, Russia poses again as a player on the global stage. "However queasy the US may be about Mr Putin's intentions, he has also made himself a figure Washington cannot ignore," as it is said in the article.

Russia's activity in Syria may be "also fraught with risks", but Russia may tackle a lot of issues at the same time. The matter concerns Islamists not to be let to the Northern Caucasus, and the defence of the Russian military base, as well as participation in post-war development in Syria and enlargement of its influence in the Middle East as a whole.

As Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for US President Barack Obama, stated, the success is possible under the support of Russia, the US, countries of the region, and what is important, the Syrian people. Thus, the political aspect will be discussed along with the military one.

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