National Interest: Obama should calm Russia down and meet with Putin

The US President Barack Obama should meet with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin, the American experts claim.

According to the National Interest, it is high time for the meeting.

Brad Stapleton writes that the American leader used to evade significant meetings with his Russian colleague after Russia had granted asylum to whistleblower Edward Snowden in the mid of 2013.

Stapleton notes, that the US needs to take this simple fact, that "the annexation of Crimea is a fait accompli whether the United States likes it or not". "Stubborn refusal to recognize the reality" shouldn't hinder negotiations on other issues, as stand-off in Donbass and the Civil War in Syria.

He also pointed out, that disregard policy would be counterproductive, as it would simply confirm fears and suspicions. The author states that Putin perceived the NATO's enlargement as an attempt to "encircle" Russia militarily, while possible Ukraine's entering the EU - as an attempt to do it economically.

Given the breakthrough agreements with Iran and Cuba, it is time for Obama to keep his promise regarding Russia. Of course, one talk will be insufficient, there should be started a new dialogue between two leaders, as it is "the only way to convince Putin that Russia has more to gain through cooperation rather than confrontation with the West".

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