La Nacion: Third World War may be started any moment

Political analyst Carlos Murillo told the Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion in an interview how soon the Third World war may be started.

According to Murillo, if the geopolitical situation remains at its present level, the war may be started in 10 years, or even earlier. It can be generated with a number of facts, either over the territorial conflict in the South China Sea, or that in the Middle East. The analyst also wishes the World War to be started in the nearest years, so that the Latin America could escape its involvement in it.

As Europe is dependent on the supply of Russian energy resources, in case Russia manages to take the Arctic under its control, it will become the main energy power to fix price for the natural gas.

As for the comparison of the US and Russian military power, the Americans have the advantage of their military bases all over the world, where they can deploy forces. However, Russia can launch its missiles.

Murillo said that Moscow has been sounding out the situation lately to look at the Washington's reaction to its acts and fix the maximum exposure limit.

Policy of the US Democratic Party postpones this data, as the Republicans would have waged war with Russia long ago, Murillo believes.

At the same time, the NATO's and EU's enlargement to the East was a mistake. Though, it provided Europeans with cheap labour force, and helped to stay afloat during the 2008 crisis.

The European military and political experts concluded that such a scenario is quite possible, as the NATO has been actively drawing up its forces to the Russian borders for the last year.

At the same time, the American experts do not share Murillo's opinion on the weakness of the Russian army. The Pentagon representatives have claimed lately that Russia is the most dangerous country in the world, which poses a serious threat to the US.

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