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Poland demands to restitute part of Ukraine

Poland considers to return property, which the Poles owned in the Western Ukraine before the WWII.

The economic and political parts of the European Union Association Agreement adopted by Ukraine in 2014 comprise the notion of restitution, that allows the Poles to dispute their right to the lost property.

The Western Ukraine is called as "Eastern Borderlands" in Poland. Mateusz Piskorski, leader of the political party Zmiana, has already claimed about it in his statements.

In total, about 100,000 Polish citizens can inherit property in the Eastern Borderlands, where their ancestors used to flee from during the WWII.

The claims may take place in 5 out of 22 regions of Ukraine. "Restitution of Borderlands" organization, which occurred in Poland, intents to deal with the corresponding legal issues.

Following the Poles, the Hungarian residents may lay claim to property in the Western part of the Ukrainian territory.

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