Obama aspires at peacemaker and goes to Africa

Obama, 'son of the continent', has set off to Africa before the very end of his career. Kenya, Ethiopia. He will take the floor at the meeting of the African Union in Addis Ababa for the first time. South Sudan is on the agenda. He detached it by himself, and the war is not going to an end. Now he wishes to impose sanctions on his offspring, unless Sudan and South Sudan sign a peaceful agreement till August. Interesting enough, Sudan and Ethiopia are considered as non-democratic states.

Pravda.Ru conducted an interview with Vladimir Shapovalov, director of the Institute of Political Science, Law and Social Development.

'Now Obama thinks not of his historical prominence, being a lame duck, he is not perceived as an acting president any more,' Shapovalov claimed.

'The first African president of the US was perceived by many people in Africa as a president of hope. However, America has been even less interested in providing any aid to the African countries during his presidency, against those of Clinton or Bush.'

'South Sudan, which was created with the efforts of Obama, struggles at present. At the same time, the US does its utmost neither to give independence, nor any autonomy for the residents of south-eastern Ukraine. Thus, international law is interpreted quite arbitrarily. The Americans make efforts to grant independence to South Sudan, even despite the fact, that a state is not formed, and the military conflict continues in the territory.'

Obama calls on the respect for gay rights and corruption elimination. The Pravda.Ru journalist asked whether there are no other problems. And why isn't he speaking of the Islamites in Africa?

As Shapovalov claims, 'Islamism is a sore subject for the American Establishment, which has tight interaction with the Saudi representatives and those of other Muslim countries. Besides, America is related to the emergence of such terror groups as al Qaeda and the Islamic State. In this case it is dangerous for Obama to raise a question in Islamism. And the fact, that the US commits sabotage on any actions directed against the IS, is just another evidence.'

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