EU concerned with referendum in Serbia, tries to hinder

The EU is concerned with the referendum, that may take place in the Republic of Serbia, as Federica Mogherini, representative of the EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy claimed.

She said it "would challenge the cohesion, sovereignty and integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina". And as the date has not been determined yet, it gives space for the idea to be reconsidered, according to her.

The Serbian parliament decided to hold a referendum this September in order to abolish the Prosecutor's Office and Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina. That may be the first step towards further proclaiming independence.

The US embassy denounced the initiative as the work of "corrupt forces" and said that Washington would devise an "appropriate response."

Tensions between between the Serbian and muslim communities in Bosnia are still present. In April a muslim terrorist attacked a police office in the region, one officer was killed. Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the muslim community, said he was ready to pay the legal fees for the detained Bosnians.

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