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Pew: Europeans not ready to fight and die for NATO allies

NATO states residents do not want a war conflict with Russia, and are not ready to fight with it, according the results of an American Pew Research Center poll.

As it turned out, residents of some NATO member-states are not ready to get into a serious military conflict with Russia, even in case it attacks one of the Alliance members.

53% of the French, 51% of the Italians, and 58% of the German are ready to sacrifice the collective security, and reject the use of military force.

But the main goal declared bu the alliance states, that the countries should come to the rescue of a member-state, once it stands an assault.

Out of eight countries, where the poll was conducted, only two of them have the majority, that supports the military action. It shouldn't be a surprise, these are the US and Canada.

The governments of the NATO allies do not take an active part either. The vast majority of the military alliance members do not transfer required 2% of the GDP for the defence charges.

As for Russia, the things are quite different. 59% of the Russians are ready to defend their mother country, taking up arms, according to the Gallup poll. The figures are also quite higher than those in the US, where only 43% of the citizens are ready to defend the US liberty and sovereignty.

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